so, another theology podcast/blog...

If you have stumbled upon this website by accident or even if you came here on purpose this is what you are probably thinking. You might be thinking, "why do we need more guys talking and writing about theology and the Christian faith? Why should I even pay attention to this at all?" Well, in short, you probably shouldn't.

We (Greg and Ben) are not experts in theology or Christian living. We are simply two guys who love Jesus, his word, and his church and are currently studying these things in seminary. Because we carpool together and have an hour and a half (or two hour) commute several times a week to seminary, we have a lot of time together to talk about what we are learning in class and in the church. As we have had these conversations over our first year of seminary, Whitley, Ben's wife, had the idea that we should start recording them and make a podcast. And so, that is why we are here. We are not a typical theology podcast and blog. We are not going to be profound. We probably won't be right a lot of the time. But, we will have honest conversations about Jesus, theology, the church, and the Christian life and we hope that you will join us in our journey there and back again. 




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